The Power of Self-care—You Can’t Fill From an Empty Cup

Self-care is not selfish. If you want to be an impactful parent, it starts by taking care of yourself. By caring for your own mental and physical well-being, you’ll be in a better place to help your teen through challenging times.

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10 Ways Self Care Can Help You Become a Better Parent and Professional

Self-care takes time and commitment. We live busy lives and dedicate our time to countless things. Even so, that effort to heal and offer recovery to your mind and soul can benefit you in all areas of life, including your job. Check out these reasons why practicing self-care can make positive changes in your life and your child’s life.

  1. Be more present
    Mindfulness, the practice of increasing your awareness of your thoughts, feelings and surroundings without judgement, can help you be more emotionally present at home and at work.
  2. Manage mental health
    By being more aware of your stress levels and knowing how self-care can help reduce stress, you’ll be in a better place to manage your overall mental health.
  3. Improved communications
    When you’re better equipped to process emotions, communication in all areas of life gets easier.
  4. Strengthen relationships
    Caring for yourself will make you more prepared to care for others - and care better too.
  5. Decrease burnout and fatigue
    People who regularly carve out time for themselves to do things that feed their souls – even simple things like taking a walk outside, playing with a pet or reading a good book – are less likely to experience burnout at work and fatigue at home.
  6. Improved focus
    Self-care practices like reducing phone time and taking breaks from other distractions result in overall improved focus and concentration.
  7. Get better sleep
    Millions of Americans struggle with sleep deprivation. Practicing mindfulness can help calm the mind and allow you to get restful sleep.
  8. Boost your immunity
    Stress weakens your immune system. As a result of making self-care choices like eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and practicing meditation, your body will be able to better fight a common cold or recover from surgery.
  9. Be patient and compassionate with yourself
    We all have a relationship with ourselves, and frankly, we are often most unkind or critical to ourselves. Remember to show patience and compassion to yourself so that you are then prepared to show them to others.
  10. Set a healthy example
    When your family, and most importantly, your children, see you prioritizing your own mental, emotional and physical health, you’re setting an example that speaks far louder than words.
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